"When Graham contacted me, I was sceptical...after all, phone lines are jammed with promises to get you money...But, secure with the promise of "You pay nothing until the refund is in your bank account", what on earth could go wrong?  And it didn't!  Graham made it a very simple process for us, and a sizeable refund ensued.  If, as most arts organisations, we weren't hard pushed to balance budgets, we would have thrown a big party!  Thank you Graham for making this year a little easier!"  Michael Poynor, Artistic Director of the Ulster Theatre Company

"It was a pleasure to work with Graham.  He explained the process very clearly, prepared all the necessary computations and submitted the claims on our behalf.  We are extremely delighted with the outcome and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Graham and his Company to others" - Sylvia Collins of the Huddersfield Light Opera Company

"Graham explained very clearly what was needed and then delivered exactly as he said he would. Graham prepared the computations and submitted the claims on our behalf and we didn't have to deal with HMRC at all. This was the easiest piece of tax work that we have ever had to do" -  Matthew Quirk of The Merry Opera Company

"Our accountant struggled with VGTR so we engaged Graham and his company. Graham prepared all the necessary computations and submitted the claim on our behalf. This was paid by HMRC without question and in an amount in excess of what we had previously expected. We are delighted and cannot recommend Graham or his company highly enough" - Ashley Stancill, Director at HyperSloth Games

"Having just received a rather nice payment from HMRC, I have every confidence in recommending Graham!" - Mike Woodward of Opera Anywhere

"Graham was a tremendous support as he guided us through the process of making our claim for Theatre Tax Credit and made the experience of dealing with HMRC a pleasure" - Susannah Finch of Hampstead Garden Opera Trust

"Graham was very helpful and supportive in all of our dealings with him over the years. His knowledge and experience was invaluable to the Company obtaining Video tax credits. A big thank you for all your help" - Graham Gore, Finance Director at Soccer Manager Ltd





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