Film Tax Relief

Film Tax Relief commenced on the 1st January 2007 and is available to film production companies within the charge to Corporation Tax.  Subject to the production company and the film meeting the qualifying conditions as set out in the legislation in Finance Act 2006 and subsequent amendments.


Some of the common questions include:

- When to apply to the British Film Industry's Certification Unit for a Cultural Certificate?

- Which certificate to apply for?

- What constitutes 'Commercial Cinema'?

- What constitutes Development Expenditure?

- What is the 'Used and Consumed Test'?

- How to apportion costs between Core and Non-Core activities?


We are here to help you with all the above and more, so that you receive the Film Tax Credit to which you are entitled.

To find out more about Theatre Tax Relief or any of the other Creative Tax Reliefs simply get in touch using the contact form or details below




Reflections on the first year
Reflections on the first year
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HMRC releases Orchestra Tax Relief manual
HMRC releases Orchestra Tax Relief manual
Posted 18/05/2017

HMRC has released the Orchestra Tax Relief manual - which can be found here

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BFI release the latest certification statistics
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Creative Tax Reliefs Limited
Creative Tax Reliefs Limited
Posted 03/04/2017

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