Preparation and submission

If you would like us to prepare and submit your claim then we will issue you with a Letter of Engagement.  This is a short 2-page document that sets out the terms under which we operate.  

Once engaged we will:

- Talk with you and develop an understanding of your business;

- Support you with your BFI application if applicable;

- Review the qualifying productions and determine the qualifying deemed trades;

- Identify and allocate the income generated and expenses incurred;

- Determine how this expenditure should be apportioned across the phases of production;

- Discuss and agree appropriate methods of apportionment;

- Prepare computations and determine the amount of Tax Credit to be claimed;

- File the Company Tax Return, or amendment to the Company Tax Return, with HMRC;

- Liaise with HMRC and deal with any enquiries they might have;

- Achieve successful completion of your claim with HMRC paying you directly.

Once your company’s claim has been accepted and your company has either paid less Corporation Tax, received a Corporation Tax Refund or received your Tax Credit payment, then and only then, will we issue the invoice for our fee.

For this we charge a flat rate of 15% of the benefit gained.


You may be a company considering a project and need advice on:

- As to whether the project will qualify; - How best to structure a project to ensure that it meets the qualifying conditions; - Applying for the BFI’s Cultural Certificate.

Or, you may be a charitable company and need advice on:

- How these reliefs impact on charitable companies commonly exempt from Corporation Tax; - How to interact with HMRC.

Or, you may be an accountant unfamiliar with the legislation who simply needs support to make a claim on behalf of their client or respond to an HMRC enquiry.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion and if we can help we will.


"I found Graham and Creative Tax Reliefs through a Google search as we had a client that was eligible for Theatre Tax Relief (TTR). I and a colleague had read through HMRC’s guidance a number of times and felt confident that we understood how it worked, however, we had no experience in claiming TTR. It seemed a no-brainer to work with Graham because Graham, as a former Creative Tax Reliefs specialist with HMRC, knew how to prepare and present claims to HMRC, would be certain of the calculations, knew where the boundaries were and would achieve maximum benefit for the client. We prepared the accounts and submitted the CT600 as per usual with input from Graham whilst he liaised directly with HMRC’s Creative Industries Unit in respect of the client’s TTR claim. The client received their tax credit without issue and in an amount greater than expected. Our client was delighted as were we and we look forward to working with Graham going forward. "
Ian Bragger, Partner at Harris & Co (
"I am so pleased and relieved that Graham got in touch with me about Theatre Tax Relief. I had mistakenly thought that we were not eligible but so far Graham has claimed nearly £100,000 in tax credit for us. This is not only an enormous benefit and can be ploughed back into the work that we do but it would have been extremely short-sighted of us not to be claiming the money that is due to us. Graham has made the whole process so simple and easy. I cannot recommend him highly enough"
Sarah Gobran, Co-Founder & Producer of The Guildford Shakespeare Company (
"NCO engaged Graham at the start of 2019 and has developed a wholly positive and ongoing relationship ever since. Not only has Graham increased our understanding of OTR and how it applies to NCO, he has taken all the stress and strain away from the process. His previous experience as a tax specialist at HMRC has proved invaluable as has his ability to explain the complexities to us in a way we can understand! I cannot recommend Graham more highly. "
Sophie Lewis, Managing Director of the National Children's Orchestras of Great Britain (
"Graham explained very clearly what was needed and then delivered exactly as he said he would. Graham prepared the computations and submitted the claims on our behalf and we didn't have to deal with HMRC at all. This was the easiest piece of tax work that we have ever had to do"
Matthew Quirk of The Merry Opera Company (
"Our accountant struggled with VGTR so we engaged Graham and his company. Graham prepared all the necessary computations and submitted the claim on our behalf. This was paid by HMRC without question and in an amount in excess of what we had previously expected. We are delighted and cannot recommend Graham or his company highly enough"
Ashley Stancill, Director at HyperSloth Games (
"It was a pleasure working with Graham on our claim for Film Tax Credit for Stuffed. For independent creators working in Film and TV, the Tax Credit is a vital part of making your film a reality. Graham is an assured and calm voice in the often-intimidating world of tax. I’d highly recommend Graham to my colleagues working in Film and TV. "
Carys Lewis, writer and director of the 2019 BAFTA Cymru Nominee short film Stuffed (
"With no clear guidance on how to claim Theatre Tax Relief and after spending a considerable amount of time consulting with colleagues, accountants, reading huge, incomprehensible HMRC guidelines and generally worrying that the company was missing the TTR boat, I spoke to Graham. Everything was plain sailing for us after the initial consultation – with very little effort on our part, Graham made a successful submission and we have just received a substantial payment. I am delighted at the outcome and have no hesitation in recommending Graham and his company"
Sue Andrews, former Executive Director of Northern Broadsides Theatre Company (
"It was a pleasure to work with Graham. He explained the process very clearly, prepared all the necessary computations and submitted the claims on our behalf. We are extremely delighted with the outcome and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Graham and his Company to others"
Sylvia Collins of the Huddersfield Light Opera Company
"I have been aware of Theatre Tax Relief for a few years now but the process of claiming the money was daunting. We didn't have the resources or the expertise to make the claim. Graham made the process of claiming Theatre Tax Relief very straight forward. He kept me informed of developments and answered all my questions. I provided him with information and he did the rest"
Shona Rattray, General Manager of the Hopscotch Theatre Company (
"Thanks so much Graham! You and Creative Tax Reliefs are the best. "
Ellie Claughton, Producer with Lung Theatre ( and Barrel Organ (
"For a small theatre company like us navigating Theatre Tax Relief was a daunting prospect. Having the support and expertise of Creative Tax Reliefs was absolutely brilliant. Graham explained everything and did a fantastic job sorting out the different projects we had been working on, calculated what we could claim and did all the leg work. The Tax Relief we received from HMRC helped us take our show to the Edinburgh Fringe, something we certainly couldn't have done without this extra funding. We would highly recommend Creative Tax Reliefs and will certainly be using them again in the future. "
Jasmine Cole of Jasmine Cole Productions
"When I first heard from Graham I have to say I was more than a little sceptical. Why had no one mentioned this to us before? The information seemed so monumental – shouldn’t it have been on the news? Within a few emails and phone conversations, we had provided all the information necessary and had everything thoroughly explained to us. Within two weeks we had received the tax credit into our bank account! Creative Tax Reliefs are amazing!"
Clare Molyneux, Artistic Director of Open The Door (Theatre in Education) C.I.C.
"When Graham first contacted us, we hadn’t heard of Theatre Tax Relief, which made us fairly wary. Graham took the time and care to explain it all to us and how the process would work. Initially, we were sceptical and worried about the time it would take for us to collate all the information needed for the claim. However, we needn’t have worried, Graham helped us every step of the way and made the process simple and quick. We would recommend working with Graham in an instant."
Fliss Green, Senior Strategy & Project Manager of Chain Reaction Theatre Company (



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