End-to-end consultancy

For this we will:

- Talk with you (face-to-face, via video link, or over the telephone) and develop an understanding of your business, it’s aims and achievements and how best we can work together;
- Support you with your BFI application if applicable;
- Review the qualifying productions and determine the qualifying deemed trades;
- Identify and allocate the income generated and expenses incurred;
- Determine how this expenditure should be apportioned across the phases of production;
- Discuss and agree appropriate methods of apportionment;
- Prepare computations and determine the amount of Tax Credit to be claimed;
- File the Company Tax Return, or amendment to the Company Tax Return, with HMRC;
- Liaise with HMRC and deal with any enquiries they might have;
- Achieve successful completion of your claim.

Once your company’s claim has been accepted and your company has either paid less Corporation Tax or received your Tax Credit payment, then and only then, will we issue the invoice for our fee.

For this we charge a flat rate of 15% of the relief gained.

However, if you prefer certainty, we can work, subject to negotiation, on a fixed fee basis.


You may be a company considering a project and need advice on:

- As to whether the project will qualify;
- How best to structure a project to ensure that it meets the qualifying conditions;
- Applying for the BFI’s Cultural Certificate.

Or, you may be a charitable company and need advice on:

- How these reliefs impact on charitable companies commonly exempt from Corporation Tax;
- How to minimise the VAT implications of trading through a subsidiary;
- How to interact with HMRC.

Or, you may be an accountant unfamiliar with the legislation who simply needs support to make a claim on behalf of their client or respond to an HMRC enquiry.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion and if we can help we will.

To find out more about Theatre Tax Relief or any of the other Creative Tax Reliefs simply get in touch using the contact form or details below




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HMRC releases Orchestra Tax Relief manual
HMRC releases Orchestra Tax Relief manual
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